Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Play Time

Today was pretty uneventful. The boys and I did go to their favorite park in the whole wide world though, Tumbleweed Park, aka, "the farm slide." :) It's about a 20 min. drive from home so we only go once every couple of weeks. I do have to admit though, this park is pretty dang awesome. You can do almost anything at this park. Like today, the boys drove a school bus and a firetruck, we made pizza(made out of wood chips), we dug for dinosaur bones and actually found some. At one point we were even actually baby dinosaurs sitting in dinosaur eggshells :). Well that last one was actually me trying to get the boys to sit still so that I could get a picture of them sitting in the shells, and them meowing and crawling around claiming to be baby dinosaurs :/ (I'm debating on introducing them to the movie "Jurassic Park" to show them that Dinosaurs don't meow)

Ok,I only put this pic up here because the story behind it is kinda cute. I was trying to get a picture with Eathan, and he wasn't letting me because he said that "boys don't get pictures with girls" and after I told him that he's super smart because girls have germs, I told him that its ok because I'm his mommy, he said "no, cuz mommies embarrass boys." I didn't even know that he knew how to say the word "embarrassed" let alone know what it means! I'm not THAT embarrassing. :)
Tytan, looking just as sweet as ever, don't be fooled, this is probably when he was deciding to throw wood chips in his brothers face. :0)
Eathan, riding a motorcycle
Eathan and Tytan driving the Firetruck


Tiffany said...

I found it!! But only after you left a comment on mine. I could not get it to come up anywhere? Give the boys kisses for me! That is the coolest park ever! I wanna go there next time Im there. Tell your boys about butterflies! I love you!

Love Lorri said...

Wow, if my kids were little we would be there! Hey maybe one of the girls could have her reception there! lol
GLad you have a blog! It is great to see all that is going on with you and the boys! call me some time...

Todd said...

Eathan is soooo funny! It's crazy when they say stuff that you know you didn't teach them huh? And that IS a cute picture of Tytan. He does look like he's thinking about doing something mischievious!

Sarah said...

Hey Amanda...Sorry. I was signed in as Todd and didn't realize it. That comment was from me!

Tinney Tribe! said...

This was so darn cute! I love it! The boys look so adorable. Funny now that you embarrass your kids. Welcome to Being a Mom of KIDS.. Not just babies. hahaha. I love you happy birthday sweetie~!

Micah & Spencer said...

Hey Amanda!
Yea, I agree. Tumbleweed park is awesome. I took my nephews the other day and they loved it.
I have been good...busy, but good. How have you been?

Gaylene said...

Of course I remember you. Thanks for helping me feel SO OLD. You are so grown up and BEAUTIFUL as ever. I think I remember seeing you at our ward building a couple years ago or so. Did you ever live in the Gateway Ward or in the Higley Stake? I thought it was you. You might have been pregnant with Tytan when I saw you. Anyway, you and your boys are so cute. Say hello to your mom and family. Good luck on the dating scene. This park is incredible. I am sure even my 7 year old would love it. Thanks for your comment about Lance. I told him you were checking in on him. So far he is doing well in Germany. I get an email from him every now and then.
Have a good day, Gaylene

Jesse & Esther Wilcock Family said...

Hey Amanda, looks like you guys had lots of fun! that looks like a really fun park, we'll have to check it out sometime. We miss you in our co-op but hope all is going well!!