Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Alive :0)

OK, so I didn't die :). In fact, I actually had a lot of fun. Here's a pic of us next to the Sand Rail. Jared(Jayrod) the guy on the right was my date and the other guy, Scott, is his best friend. Scott decided to go last minute so he couldn't find a date in time. The only downside about the trip besides getting a little red and sand caked in my hair:) is that I lost my phone somewhere in all of that sand. I had no ones phone number memorized, I mean, that's the phones job right? And I needed to get a hold of my mom to let her know that I wasn't murdered, just in case she started to take my axe murderer theory serious. So, when they dropped me off at home, I got right into my car, drove to my parents house( I really was worried that mom was going to call the cops if she couldn't get a hold of me on my cell phone, she's threatened to do it before. Turns out she was never worried. She didn't want to embarrass me by calling me:/ The guys thought it was hilarious.) and then I drove to the T-Mobile store to get a new phone. So to sum it up, I made 2 new buddies, learned how to drive a dune buggy, and got a cool new phone at the end of it all :)


Sarah said...

I'm so glad that you had fun. Oh, and that you're still alive! LOL! I hope you got all the sand out of your hair. :)

Lesli said...

Cool! Well, I was worried if that makes you feel any better! :-) I am glad you had fun! Thanks for updating us! p.s. next time your nice LDS friend doesn't have a date, call Whitney! ;-)

Lexi said...

Hey Manda! Looks like you had a HOT date! Looks like fun!!!