Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday Weekend

This is a little late but I had to wait for my dear best friend, who likes to procrastinate, to send me pics :0). This weekend was a lot of fun. My best friend Sarah and I share the same birthday so we decided to double date and go out to the desert and have tinfoil dinners over a bonfire. It wasn't until after our car battery died and I had to have my Dad send another police officer out to come save us that we found out that we were in Cartel territory. I'll be paying a little more attention to where we're going next time :). But we survived and and had a lot of fun. After wards we all went back to Todd and Sarah's house and just visited.

Sarah and I preparing the Dinners
Sarah and her hubby Todd :0)

Me and Todd's friend (and my date) Ryan

The Birthday Girls!


Ok, so if you know my Dad then you know that St. Patrick's day will always have first priority, even over my birthday :) I'm just kidding, it's not that bad. But the next day I did load up the boys and we met my family downtown for the St.Patrick's day Parade. I LOVE when we're able to get the WHOLE family together, it doesn't happen as often as I would like so
it was awesome to be able to hang out with everyone.

Tytan waiting for the Parade to start

Eathan got bored of the parade pretty quickly (shocker) and decided to go play in this little alley way that was right behind us :0)

And of course we had to squeeze some of mom's heritage in too so after the parade we all went out to eat at TeePee's, the BEST mexican restaurant EVER. Apparently its pretty popular amongst the celebrities as well, they even marked what Entree Pres. George W. Bush ate on the menu :0)
They LOVE to have their picture taken with me :) (can't you tell?)

Eathan giving me his "happy" face
And Tytan SAYING "happy face" :)


Tinney Tribe! said...

You do really well on these blogs!I love you!

Love Lorri said...

So fun Amanda! Happy birthday by the way! Tell your mom she is taking me out to eat when I come to visit!
The boys are so stinking cute good job!

kirsten said...

Happy late birthday Amanda! I'm excited I found your blog! Miss ya babe!