Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meeting the Mouse!

Ok, Yeah, I know this is WAY over due. I don't have an excuse, I've just been lazy. So, at the end of May Eathan and I went to Disneyland with my parents and my siblings (minus Sam, the turd had to work). I had to make the heart wrenching decision to leave Tytan because Eathan was tall enough to ride all of the rides, with the exception of Indiana Jones, which we just stuffed socks in the bottom of his shoes to make him tall enough, it worked :) Anyways, with Tytan being my shrimp, and only two years old, he wasn't going to be able to ride that many rides. I was just visualizing all of the tantrums that would have happened because he wasn't able to go on all the rides with Eathan. So with the reassurance from Nate that they would go do something fun, I left him with his dad.

Ok, so now that I've eased my guilt for leaving Tytan, I can go into the fun. There's alot of pictures so bare with me :). We really did have a great time. And it was really nice to get that one on one time with Eathan. He's STILL talking about it, and is already planning what rides he's going to ride on our next trip :). The highlights of the trip for him were of course meeting Mickey Mouse :), riding small world, and his absolute favorite ride, the ride that he STILL will NOT shush up about, The Ghost Ride, aka, The Haunted Mansion.

Mom and I took Eathan to go see Mickey at his house. The line was a little long but it turned out to be way worth it in the end.

And here it is, the Haunted Mansion :) I think Cody was really scared ;)

Here's my Mom and Dad getting ready to get on Small World for the first time. My Mom swore that she wasn't going to ride this ride, she LOATHES this ride, it's been an on going hate for years, something about not being able to get the song out of her head ;). Well, the poor women had to ride the dang ride twice! Somehow Sadi was able to guilt her into riding it and then Eathan was able to put on his charm to get her on it a 2nd time :)

Here's Eathan getting ready to ride the Grizzly Rapid ride in California Adventure. you get soaked on that ride, hence the rain poncho :)

Dad and I, still waiting to ride Grizzly Rapids.

Here's Eathan planning our next stop.

Eathan with his Mickey Ears, eating Dinner, getting ready for the Fireworks to start. The fireworks were definitely one of my highlights :)

Eathan and I on the Teacups

Crazy Sadi!

I love, love, love this picture of Eathan! One of his sweetest smiles :)

Crazy Mommy, I was trying to make Eathan think that we were going fast because I wouldn't let them spin it hardly at all. I just can't do the spinny rides anymore :)

And last but not least :)


Christi said...

What a fun trip to Disneyland! I can never get enough of that place.

Sarah said...

Cute pictures! Man...that ghost one is really freaky!! Not even kidding!

Tinney Tribe! said...

Amanda! You did such a great Job on this blog! It was awesome. Made riding that dumb ride worth it. (twice) I love the pics of Eathan. He has so many Wonderful Smiles on this trip! I love you guys! Mom

Lexi said...

Looks like fun! I miss you guys!

Lesli said...

Fun Amanda!!!! Love you tons!